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This campaign is dedicated to Arron Swartz:November 8, 1986 � January 11, 2013

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VOTE Rozzo! Its Time for a Change !

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My name is Costantino "Tino" Rozzo, born September 23rd 1959 in Paterson NJ. My Grammar School was No. 18 in Pasterson, Passaic County The in Wayne NJ. I attended Passiac Community College. I have lived in South Jersey and Vineland NJ since 1988. I have a BA/MA from University of Berkeley and Phd from Gordon University in Philosophy. I have run for office in the past three times for Congress, twice for Governor, State Assembly. I have the distinction of out balloting the Greens and Libertarians in my district. I feel my experiences and communications with The Electorate allows me to convey a positive message everyone can digest. I am a former member of the Socialist Party USA, current National Chair of the American Labor Party. Address:1267 N East Blvd 26M Vineland NJ 08360 amlabor@alp-isp.org

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We live in a Wall Street/elitist society based on greed, inequality, and selfishness. This society attacks our values and our relations with others, making us feel isolated and powerless. The education system attacks the self-confidence of our children. We are taught to accept our place in a society over which we will have no control. In all society, there is little we can do to fulfill our real aspirations. People struggle day to day to fulfill their aspirations only to be met with disappointment. The negative message against the poor, workers, and others is an attack on ordinary people. No one represents the cause of the "little person." Wall Street culture messages that this world should be a loveless and savage place. But in fact most people, in important parts of their lives with their families, their friends ,or co-workers-struggle to make ends meet. Competition and inequality are created so trust and solidarity are undermined. Most people struggle to eek out a better life for themselves. Wall Street has had devastating effects. But to the extent that people have any positive relationships, they have created them by a struggle against Wall Street/elitist society. The message of my candidacy is that people are the source of good in this world. We invoke a culture of solidarity for ALL people. We do not play favorites here. We realize all people struggle to get by and we do not see ALL people in their traditional negative roles, nor do we ignore the sufferings of all humanity. Wall Street concentrates money and power in the hands of the few. It is undemocratic and perpetuates an oligarchy. (Where only the powerful few make all the rules and control society) We live in a fake democracy, in which the government, the large corporations, and the media try to take control of our lives and only put out their negative messages, and impose their values on us. We acknowledge the daily struggle of all people and we champion there cause. We know people in this world are the source of good and share the values of equality, kinship, and humanity regardless of race, gender, and other factors. We need a path that will take us to a new society, one that shares our goals.

1. HEALTHCARE-We need a National, single-payer healthcare program. All hospitals in the state must be publicly owned or run as not-for-profits. We also need small community-based health clinics in schools, large businesses and residential areas. Reproductive rights and sex education should be part of our heathcare system.Including veterinarian services
2. EDUCATION-We need to invest in public education with equalized, per-pupil funding to insure quality education for all. We need to provide free post-secondary education for all US residents, funded through a progressive income tax.
3. JOBS-We must create jobs through public works projects and by supporting small businesses and encouraging the growth of cooperatives.
4. TAXES-Recent tax-cuts have victimized the working and middle classes while rewarding the rich. We need a progressive income tax that equitably distributes the tax burden so that the wealthy pay their share. Regressive taxes, such as sales and property taxes, only further burden those least able to pay and must be done away with.
5. ENVIRONMENT- US industries must be forced to abide by clean air, clean water and toxic cleanup statutes. Citizens must have the right to know what, how much and where pesticides are being used. We need to support massive public transit programs to cut down congestion and auto pollution. Animal protection initiatives.
6. EQUALITY- Equal rights for all persons under the law, regardless of gender, race, creed, or sexual orientation. I support issues of tolerance and Anti-hate. Also, All people, no matter who they are, should be equal and have equal opportunities in an all inclusive umbrella.
7. WORKERS RIGHTS- Workers must have the right to organize and to force employers into binding arbitration. We need a National "family leave" act which guarantees paid leave for the birth of a child and for medical or personal emergencies. Install Bill or Workers and Union Rights.
8. PUBLIC SERVICES- There is a now a right-wing attack on our Federal social safety net, we must re-affirm our commitment to a great public society on National level. We must increase the funding for community aid centers build food and service programs and create social welfare boards with recipient representation.
9. SUSTAINABLE AND LIVABLE COMMUNITIES-Giving power back to the States and Communities. They must find ways to be accountable to the Federal Government on expenditures. Eliminating Slums and Ghettos, ending rural poverty, improved education, and more.
10. DEMOCRACY- Freedom of Choice. Candidates should be elected through a system of proportional representation, and all candidates for office should be allotted free television and radio time. Many of today's social problems can be traced to economic inequality. Crime, poverty, homelessness and unemployment all have social causes. The Socialist Party of New Jersey is dedicated to addressing these problems at their root. We need radical solutions to today's problems Support Bill Of Democratic Rights-See It Here
11. DEFEND THE BILL OF RIGHTS Repeal the Patriot Act, Sedition Act, and all laws that compromise Civil Liberties. Secure Privacy for citizens. defend Civil Liberties of all varieties
12. ELECTION REFORM: Democracy-Candidates should be elected through a system of proportional representation, And all candidates for National office should be allotted free TV and radio time. Individuals should register under party of choice. No more petitions for candidates who's Party has a National Committee. Ballot Access for all Alternative Parties, and All candidates debate and have equal time and public funding. End the two party system. We support publicly funded elections
13. DRUGS: Repeal the Rockefeller Drug laws. Re-examine present approaches to addictive drugs. Cut the 3-million prison population through training and education. Legalize Marijuana and decriminalize addiction.
14. DEATH PENALTY: It is inhuman and not up to the Government to implement revenge. 98% of convicted persons where set free after DNA testing. Poor people go to their Death. The wealthy never are convicted and are excused from death row.
15. SAME SEX MARRIAGES:Oppose any further introductions of a constitutional amendment barring same-sex marriage. Support Domestic Partnership Act. LGBT Civil Liberties and Rights
16. AFFORDABLE HOUSING: Ending gentrification and unfair real estate pricing. Everyone who works should be able to afford a home. Quality lodging for all.
17. FAMILY MEDICAL LEAVE INCLUSION - extend the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 to cover employees taking leave to care or their domestic partners with a serious health condition.
18.ABORTION:Protect a womans right to have an abortion. Ensure that parents are given full rights and services in order to bear and raise healthy and well educated children. Constitutional Amendment for Equal Rights.
19. TRANSPORTATION:Expand and improve mass transit in order to ease the consumption of oil, reduce congestion, and improve air quality.Build the light rail systems. Support Amtrak and public transportation
20.UNIVERSAL INCOME:Ensure a Livable guaranteed income for all in a full-employment economy. Expand opportunities for meaningful work to meet human needs.
Economic, technological, political and social changes reflect a profound transformation in this world.The socialist answer is unequivocal. It is the people of the world who should exercise control by means of a more advanced democracy in all aspects of life: political, social, and economic. Political democracy, for socialists, is the necessary framework and precondition for all rights,freedom,and liberties. The ALP/ISP is a democratic, multi-issue organization with structure and practices that are truly Democratic Socialist (Reflecting a true Democracy). ALP/ISP members should be involved in the process of transforming our society and promoting new hope for humankind. The ALP/ISP calls on all men and women committed to peace and progress to work together in order to translate this hope into reality.On the basis of suitable and humane democratic structures, freedom, equality, security and prosperity can be achieved within the framework of a democratic world society. Democratic socialism is an international movement for freedom, social justice and solidarity. Its goal is to achieve a peaceful world where these basic values can be enhanced and where each individual can live a meaningful life with the full development of his or her personality and talents and with the guarantee of human and civil rights in a democratic framework of society. All people are represented in an All Inclusive Umbrella with Social Justice!
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