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The ALP urges you to acknowledge the Animal Bill of Rights and encourage your representatives to pass legislation that gives animals the rights they deserve:

1. The Right of animals to be free from exploitation, cruelty, neglect, and abuse.
2. The Right of laboratory animals not to be used in cruel or unnecessary experiments.
3. The Right of farm animals to an environment that satisfies their basic physical and psychological needs.
4. The Right of companion animals to a healthy diet, protective shelter, and adequate medical care.
5. The Right of wildlife to a natural habitat, ecologically sufficient to a normal existence and self-sustaining species population.

The Right of animals to have their interests represented in court and safeguarded by the law of the United States. When you support Animal Rights and legislation, you must also alert your Congressional representatives. All ALP members support The Animal Bill of Rights. The ALP promises be part of cutting edge Rights Legislation and for stronger enforcement of anti-cruelty laws and more humane treatment of animals in every corner of American. Today, ALP endorses groundbreaking efforts to push the U.S. legal system to end the suffering of abused animals. Many Animals should be recognized Non Human Persons.

Gooseberry is not connected nor affiliated to the ALP, nor does the ALP act as a sole endorser or organization of vegetarianism

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